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Holden Commodore Parts and Merchandise, with a focus on VB to VL models

Since 2012, HOLDCOM AUTO PARTS has grown to become a renowned and trusted supplier specialising in high-quality replacement parts and products for Early Holden Commodores.

With years of experience in the industry, they have built a reputation for providing reliable and durable parts, ensuring optimal performance and safety for their customers.


Australian-owned and operated by two fellow Early Commodore enthusiasts Proud to be part of Your Project



Your Go-To Online Destination for Holden Commodore Parts

Holdcom has carved out a unique space in the digital world, serving as a dedicated online sanctuary that caters to your need for superior Holden Commodore parts. Our commitment to excellence resonates through our meticulously curated selection, housing everything from the sought-after Holden car parts to niche Commodore spares. Accessible from anywhere in Australia, we've established our name as the trusted source for Holden parts Australia-wide, extending our reach past geographical limitations. 

With the underlying motto of 'Quality First', we focus not only on offering a vast inventory but also on ensuring that each part aligns with the top-tier quality standards you rightfully expect for your vehicle. Our aspirations reach beyond just being an online store; we strive to serve as the cornerstone of your journey toward car maintenance and continual performance excellence.

Holden Parts: Restoring and Maintaining Excellence

Our unique selection of Holden parts stands as a testament to our commitment to supporting Holden owners throughout their vehicle maintenance journey. Whether you're looking for Holden car parts for comprehensive overhauls, fine-tuning, or minor replacements, our categories spill over with choices waiting for your perusal. While diving into our comprehensive catalogue, you will discover Holden spare parts well-suited to your current and future needs.

The high-quality Holden aftermarket parts are thoughtfully selected to reflect the superior performance of the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) elements, making them effective and reliable solutions. Catering to various Holden models, these parts provide an optimal balance between top-tier performance and cost-effectiveness.

Commodore Parts: Comprehensive and Hassle-Free Shopping Experience

Being a trusted Commodore shop, we carry an extensive array of Commodore spare parts, from minor components to more significant parts like rust repair panels  and Commodore fuel pumps. By providing a wide selection, we give you a hassle-free shopping experience where you can find all your Commodore spares under one virtual roof.

Our reliable Commodore parts online service caters to tech-savvy shoppers valuing convenience and fast turnaround times. Rest assured, the distance between you and high-quality Commodore parts is just a few clicks away!

Holden Commodore Parts: Meeting Your Specific Needs

Holden Commodore owners can rejoice, knowing that Holdcom houses a remarkable variety of Holden Commodore parts and Holden Commodore spare parts. This range serves both your everyday usage and high-performance requirements, assisting you in maintaining the quality of your ride.

Effortless Delivery of Holden Spares Across Australia

With a strong network stretching across Australia, we deliver Holden parts Australia-wide, ticking off one worry from your list. You can relax knowing that your chosen Holden spares will reach you promptly, no matter where you're located in the country. We also ship internationally if you are outside of Australia.

Post-Purchase Support with Holden Parts Online

We understand that online shopping can sometimes be daunting. However, our team at Holdcom goes above and beyond to ensure that your online purchase of Commodore parts is as smooth and satisfying as possible. From VS Commodore parts to VT Commodore parts and many more, you can find and request what you need with just a few clicks.

Personalise and Enhance with Holden Commodore Accessories

Elevate your vehicle's appeal with our exquisite collection of Holden Commodore accessories. Whether you wish to infuse a personal touch into your car's interior or seek enhancements that lift its exterior elegance, our variety carries it all.

Browse Holden Aftermarket Parts with Confidence

At HoldCom, we understand that vehicle owners often look for alternatives that maintain performance. This understanding is reflected in our high-grade collection of Holden aftermarket parts. You can count on these parts to deliver on all facets, matching and sometimes even surpassing the quality of OEM components.

Authenticity Guaranteed with Genuine Commodore Parts

We appreciate the value of authentic parts to car enthusiasts. Therefore, we've included a generous range of Holden genuine parts and VK Commodore parts in our offering. These components meet the highest quality standards and are the optimal solution for those prioritising the manufacturer's fit, form, and function.