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VC Commodore

Parts for VC Holden Commodores, including SLE models.


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VC Commodore Parts: The Ultimate Collection

When it comes to restoring, maintaining, or enhancing your beloved Holden, only the best will do. At HoldCom, we understand the significance of preserving the integrity of classic cars like the VC Commodore. That's why we've curated an extensive selection of VC Commodore partsthat cater to every enthusiast's needs.

Genuine and Diverse Assortment

From engine components to interior enhancements, our array of Commodore VC parts covers a wide spectrum. Our selection includes the essentials such as electrical and lighting components, clips and fasteners, and badges and decals. It doesn't stop there; we're continually updating our offerings with the latest VC Commodore accessories to keep your car in its prime condition.

Interior Excellence

One of the most cherished aspects of the VC Commodore is its classic interior. Our Holden Commodore accessories cater to the intricate details that make your vehicle stand out. Whether you're on the lookout for door armrest screws or steering wheel components, our Holden VC Commodore parts ensure a seamless match with your car's original design.

Engine and Driveline Components

The heart of every vehicle lies in its engine. With HoldCom's meticulous collection, you'll find every part you need to keep your VC Commodore's heart beating strong. From engine mounts to driveline components, trust in the durability and compatibility of our products.

Exclusivity at Its Best

The uniqueness of our VC Commodore parts extends to specialty items such as the magnetic wireless phone charger cradle kit or the high-quality soldering iron kit. Plus, if you're looking for genuine gifts, our range of HoldCom gift cards caters to enthusiasts who know the value of top-notch car parts.

The Power of Lighting

A standout feature in our collection is the comprehensive range of lighting accessories, including exterior LED kits, horn wiring looms, and more. Pair these with our VY Commodore parts for a cohesive upgrade, ensuring your VC Commodore shines bright on every journey.

Body and Exterior Upgrades

The exterior of the VC Commodore deserves as much attention as its interior. Our selection boasts a diverse range of items from rust repair panels to bumper brackets. And if you’re eager to venture further, our VN Commodore parts and VE Commodore parts are just a click away, offering compatibility and quality that’s hard to match.

Safety and Convenience

Every VC Commodore owner knows the importance of ensuring safety and efficiency while maintaining the classic aura of the car. With our VC Commodore parts, not only do we offer pieces that enhance the vehicle's look but also prioritise your safety. Our range includes brake switches with cruise control, seat belt dust covers, and horn pads. These Holden VC Commodore partsensure your vehicle runs smoothly without compromising on the vintage charm.

Versatility Across Models

HoldCom's commitment extends beyond just the VC Commodore. While our Commodore VC parts are tailored for a perfect fit, we also cater to other models, ensuring that every Holden enthusiast finds what they're looking for. Whether you're searching for the intricacies of the VE Commodore parts or diving into the expansive range of VN Commodore parts, our inventory promises quality and variety. Your passion for Holdens deserves only the best, and we're here to provide just that.

Trusted Brands and Authenticity

At HoldCom, we prioritise genuine authenticity. Our brands, ranging from HOLDCOM AUTO PARTS to renowned names like HELLA and GM, signify our commitment to providing only the best for our customers. If you're wondering where to buy genuine Holden parts, HoldCom is the destination.

Ready to Enhance Your VC Commodore?

With an extensive variety of parts, from electrical components to VC Commodore accessories, HoldCom ensures your VC Commodore remains a timeless classic. Explore our curated selection today and drive forward with confidence.