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10001 - Mirror Glass Kit for VK VL

2200sr - Window Switch Rear VB-VL

4136 - RB Knock Sensor Addon Loom

4179 - Popup Light Control Loom for VL Calais

73573 - Fuse Rail Kit for VK to VS

STALK-KIT - Stalk Plug Upgrade Kit for VT VX

TC1000 - Throttle Controller

VE-BT - VE Bluetooth Addon Kit

N1448 - VL Speed Sensor (DIY)

N1449 - VL Speed Sensor (Plug N Play)

N1450 - VK VL A/C Vaccum Hose Labels etc.


"Look, Admire, Dont Touch" Signs

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  • VL BT1
  • VL Berlina Turbo and VL BT1
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