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Ben Camilleri

Ben Camilleri, a young trailblazer hailing from South Australia, has captured attention and admiration for his remarkable talent in crafting intricate vehicle Lego models. From a young age, Ben displayed an innate passion for engineering and design, channeling his creativity into building detailed replicas of cars, trucks, and other vehicles using Lego bricks. His dedication to his craft and meticulous attention to detail have earned him recognition within the Lego community and beyond. Ben's innovative approach to Lego modeling pushes the boundaries of what's possible, showcasing his ingenuity and technical skill. As a rising star in the world of Lego enthusiasts, Ben Camilleri's work serves as an inspiration to aspiring builders and showcases the boundless potential of imagination and determination.


Ronald Tewes

Ronald Tewes, hailing from Queensland, Australia, is celebrated for his expertise as an engineer and his remarkable talent as a Lego master. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, Tewes has garnered recognition for his intricate Lego creations, which often push the boundaries of what's possible with the iconic building blocks. Through his engineering background, Tewes brings precision and innovation to his Lego designs, captivating audiences with his imaginative constructions. His work serves as an inspiration to Lego enthusiasts worldwide, showcasing the limitless possibilities of the beloved toy bricks. Tewes's dedication to his craft has earned him a respected place within the Lego community, where his contributions continue to inspire and amaze.

Ronald Tewes

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